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On 16th of August 1998 ago, the finals for Comquiz 98 was held at Dewan Tunku Syed Putra. Our school, Penang Free School came out as the runner up for the contest. It was a tough competition especially from the school of Tsung Tsin Sabah. Our school had 700 points meanwhile Tsung Tsin Sabah had 775. This year’s commitee who took part was Cheang Wai Keong from form 3 who is also the Malaysia’s top scorer for the preminerly round of division 1, Toh Seng Oon from form 5 and L Kean Yew from form 4. The judges for this year quiz was Dr. Rosni Abdullah from U.S.M. and Kelly Reyner Goh of the Star publications. The contest then started with a few words from the president of the commitee of Comquiz 98. Intel then made a few advertising for the latest product that is the Pentium 2 Xeon, Pentium 2 and the Celeron processor. The first round of the contest was ‘Click-it.’ It was a tough one after Toh Seng Oon failed to answer the first few question. We had 110 points for Click-it. ‘Buzz-n-Go’ was the second contest that our contestent had to face. This time, our school triedtheir best and previeled with extra 65 points and that makes 175 points. After finishing the first two games, the team and the spetators had a breakfast break. The food that have been catered was delecious as the people was rushing to get it. Moments after the break, the contest started again. This time, our school had no challange as our school had assembled the computer withing 5 minutes and answered all the question withing 15 minutes.


Our school then came out with another extra 65 points which makes our school the second at 240 points. After the ‘PC Assembly’ the Intel Market Manager arrived with YB Koay Kar Huah which is appointed as the ‘Ahli Mesyuarat Negeri’ of Penang. The final round starts. It was like life and death to all the Penang Free School excutives. Our school cheered and cheered until the MC of the day sounded our school, but It was fun to all the spectators when a contest for the viewers was opened to all the people. For the one whom answered the questions correct, they were given a prize.

Then, after the round finished, everyone was eagered to know the results, but it was a down when the Intel Marketing Manager had to give a speech first. He praised the contestent and said that there were an increased of particapants this year. The moment that have been awaited have come when the MC announced that it w as the result giving time. Everyone felt anxious as they listen to the result. It was a down when the school team got the result. The Penang Free School had 2nd place, Chung Ling at 3rd, 4th goes to the St. Andrew of Johor and the first went to Tshung Tsin of Sabah. At 12.35, the school team left U.S.M. Even the school team lost. It was a fun and good experience for them.

Fortis Atque Fidelis!

By: Hidayat
Photography By: Praveen Kumar

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