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Announcing the new PFS Online Communities


PFS Online : Communities has been undergoing serious changes since the begining of Version 3.0 of our web page. Now, it has finally come of age with our very own school developed identity system to keep the huge family of frees in constant contact!

With the registration system developed by Vice President, Y.L.Seang, users are able to identify each other more easily, create a more ‘personal’ atmosphere to our web site. Users will have to register and log in for an account in PFS Online : Communities, enabling them to use the full features of it.

The new system will enable our web team to add other services apart from the messaging boards. On the drawing board are mailing lists, ‘Get a pen pal’ service, Yellow Pages and a chat zone, providing better quality surfing for us all. We plan to further improve PFS Online every week so stay tuned to a great ride ahead!

However, those without accounts will still be able to view the messages; they only can’t post.

More on the rebirth of PFS Online to come soon. Stay tuned.

Yap Ling Seang, V.P. (Internet)

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