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Warm Welcome for New Zealand Visitors


The school administrators apparently on an a trip to see the conditions and learn more about schools in Malaysia arrived at 10.20am on the 9th of July 1999 which is on Friday.

They were welcomed by the headmaster himself and an armada of prefects at the school gate and were then ushered to the lecture theater for a short briefing on our school’s history.A computer was brought down from the computer room and it was hooked up to a projector for a presentation about the current situation, history and previous achievements of our school. Every part of our school building was displayed in the clip and our school’s history was displayed in the short video clip. After that, Mr. Richard gave a speech on behalf of the visitors and from that we came to know that Penang Free School’s reputation runs far and wide as the news reached him. He said that there was something special about our school so he made it a point for his group to visit our school. He also mentioned that our school has pride and dignity. An exchange of gifts followed shortly after Mr. Richard’s speech.

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