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Visit to Intel by Computer Club PFS



The beautiful interior of the school bus well maintained and very comfortable.

Computer Club PFS organised an educational trip to Intel Penang today. Our new school bus driver, Encik Ismadi was a very careful and friendly driver and we knew we were in safe hands the moment we departed from the school at 8.00 am. We reached Intel at about 8.40 am. The visit was divided into two sessions.

The first session was welcome message and briefing on Intel Corporation by Puan Selena Saw, Intel Community Relation Manager. She talked about the history of Intel in Penang and the involvement of Intel in Education and local community. It was followed by another interesting and very informational briefing on career opportunities in Intel by Mr. Sim. The second session was a tour of the production of microchips by Mr. Sim and Mr. Lee, both engineers of Intel. They explained clearly wafer technology, fabrication, testing of chips, the production of electronic grade silicon and the shrinking of computers since 1970. As a tiny speck of dust can ruin the production of the microchips, Intel’s chips are manufactured in a special environment called “clean room” which is thousands times cleaner than a hospital operating theatre. We actually experienced the removal of dust particles by the powerful blowers as we walked through the door. The thoughtful host gave us delicious refreshments in between the two sessions.

We bade goodbye to our hosts at 11.00 am and we thanked them for their hospitality.


Briefing on Intel Corporation by Puan Selena Saw


Guided tour of the production by Mr. Lee


Guided tour of production by Mr. Sim


Group photo at the Lobby

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