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Our School Captain Teo Lee Ken is the first runner up in the national-level Asean Quiz 2004



THE WINNERS: Natasha, flanked by Teo (left) and Muhammad Ihsan, with their trophies. Natasha will represent Malaysia at the regional level in Brunei Darussalam in September.

Asean Quiz 2004 is a competition that quizzes the minds of the young on the economic, social and cultural aspects of the 10-member grouping.

Top minds Natasha Alena Amiruddin, 16, Teo Lee Ken, 19, and Muhammad Ihsan Abdul Razak 17, literally floored the audience with their knowledge of Asean.

The quiz, organised by the Department of Information Services in collaboration with the Education Ministry, saw 1,806 students between 16 and 19 years from all over the country taking part. The competition are conducted in English as an effort to encourage the young to master the language. They were quizzed on anything and everything about Asean from their political leaders to cultural heritages.

The competition is divided into two stages — state and national — where 15 states including Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya and Labuan are involved.

For the state-level, the competition had already been organised simultaneously on April 14 using one set of questions. The secretariat at the state-level will check and evaluate the answers handed in by the contestants.

The number of contestants at state-level vary, and according to statistics, Pahang recorded the highest number with 241 contestants competed in the Quiz, followed by Perak (239) while the lowest was Federal Territory of Labuan with only 26 contestants.

Contestants with the highest score are chosen to represent the state for the national-level competition.

The first ASEAN Quiz was held in 2002 in Bangkok. The biennial regional level competition was last held in 2002 under the sponsorship of the Asean Committee on Culture and Information that helps to fund programmes and events in the cultural and information fields.


Adapted from the Star, 12th May 2004

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