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Mr Loh Huah Sin Retires



Mr. Loh Huah Sin

The Senior Assistant of Penang Free School (PFS), Mr Loh Huah Sin, retires today. Mr. Loh has served the school for 31 years.

After graduating from the Science University of Malaysia (USM) in 1974, Mr. Loh joined PFS as a Chemistry teacher. In 1977, he was appointed as the Assistant Head of the Science Department and in 1986, he was promoted to be the Head of the Science Department. He became the “Ketua Bidang” for Science in 1992 and in 2003, he was appointed as the Senior Assistant of Penang Free School.

Mr. Loh has been a valued member of the teaching staff in PFS. As an administrator, he has always been very caring and helpful towards the academic and non-academic staff. As an educator, he has always taken the initiative to deliver a first-class Chemistry lesson to his students.

We, the community of PFS, would like to take this opportunity to extend our utmost appreciation to Mr. Loh Huah Sin for his excellent contributions and services to Penang Free School. We would also like to wish him a healthy, happy and an enjoyable retirement.



Mr. Loh Huah Sin delivers his farewell speech



A token of appreciation from the Board of Prefects



Saying goodbye (pic1 of 4)




Saying goodbye (pic2 of 4)




Saying goodbye (pic3 of 4)




Saying goodbye (pic4 of 4)



A farewell lunch



A car to take him round PFS for a final sweet memory

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