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This is not the official website of Penang Free School. This is an experimental and archival site, to restore lost contents. Most contents are recovered from the 1998+ Penang Free School websites.

This site is also dedicated to Mr. Ooi Chin Wah whom actively maintain PFS Website until the end of 2004.


Owner of this site

Who am I? I won’t tell you, but it isn’t difficult to figure it out.



Are you an Old Free who wants to contribute to this site? Find me, drop me an email.


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PMR results out on Wednesday!

Come this December 30th, it will be THE day which all our form 3 students have been waiting for. The eagerly-awaited PMR results will finally be out! We would like...


Sweet smell of freedom!

On the 18th of November 1998, the declaration of liberation for the students of Penang Free School was held. It is now time for the long awaited final semester school...


Good Luck PFS !

The SPM/STPM is just around the corner, all the present Frees are busy studying and burning the midnight oil to achieve the best for the alma mater and themselves....


Goodbye, Mr. Low Boon Ewe

Mr. Low Boon Ewe, a dedicated teacher of Penang Free School for 19 year s retired today. Mr. Low has been serving Penang Free School for 19 years, first came to...


PFS Enters English Choral Speaking Contest!!!

October 7 1998 – A team of 35 students from Form 2 and Form 4 classes of Penang Free School participated in the state levels English Choral Speaking contest...