Penang Free School Student Dress Code

The complete school uniform for boys consists of a white shirt, the school necktie, the school badge, a pair of long pants or shorts in either green or white, a pair of white socks and a pair of white canvas shoes. The complete school uniform for girls consists of a white shirt, the school necktie, the school badge, an unpleated turquoise skirt that reaches knee-level with hidden pockets, white socks and white canvas shoes.
Any sort of make-up and fashionable ear-rings are disallowed in school.
Muslims are permitted to wear white baju kurung with a white tudung. Footwear has to be entirely in white.

Only canvas shoes of the low-cut variety are allowed in school. The shoes are to be white in colour without any distinct markings or designs on them. All shoes must be bound in the proper manner with either shoelaces or velcro straps. Socks have to be worn at all times and must be entirely white in colour. However, sports stockings with minimal colours are permissible for those in long pants.


Pants have to be in either olive green or white without pleats or designs. Pants that are baggy or skintight, or those with carrot or jean cuts are strictly prohibited in school. Huge labels are to be taken out and flaps for double-pocketed pants must be buttoned up. Pant legs that are too long must never be folded inside out.


White school shirts must be worn and tucked in during school hours. Long sleeves must be folded up to elbow level but this does not apply for short-sleeved shirts.
Buttons have to be white or transparent and all shirts have to be buttoned-up. Shirts must have only one chest pocket and any form of pleats, designs or labels on shirts are disallowed.


The official school badge has to be worn at the centre of the chest pocket at all times. The badge has to be in tip-top condition; no deformities, neither dents nor faded badges, will be tolerated.
* In the event that a student holds a position in school e.g. prefect, warden, class monitor, librarian, hostel prefect, editorial board member or PRS, he/ she is allowed to wear his/her respective board badge to replace the school badge.


Every student must wear the official school necktie everyday in the proper manner. It is the students’ responsiblity to keep their neckties clean and presentable.


Belts that are of either white, black, olive green or brown, depending on the student’s preferences, must be worn during school hours. Belts must be motif-free, with widths of approximately 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches and have appropriate buckles. Leather belts are disallowed for school.


For boys, hair in every part of the head must not exceed 7 centimetres in length. Facial hair is expected to be shorn off except in special cases e.g. religious beliefs.
For girls, the length of hair must not exceed the faint indicator line at the collar. Should it exceed the second indicator line, it has to be tied up neatly.
Students are not allowed to sport ‘punk’ or any form of indecent hairstyles and must not colour their hair in any way.


Except for religious beliefs, no accesories are to be worn during school hours for boys unless if given permission by the school. Chains that are worn with permission have to be kept hidden underneath the wearer’s shirt. Hair clips can only be in either blue, black or white.

Physical Education

During P.E. students are required to wear the shorts and T-shirt assigned by the School Sports Council. Muslim can wear the Free School track bottoms if desired. After P.E. they are required to change back into their school uniforms.


Fingernails must be kept neat and clean at all times. For girls, fingernails must not be over 0.3 centimetres.For boys, the permitted length is 0.2 centimetres.
Sweaters can be worn only if it is rainy or if he or she is sick.


Source: PFS Online (2006)

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