The school motto is “fortis atque fidelis” (pronounced for ‘tiz ud’ kway fi’ deliz) which means strong and faithful.The school colour is sky blue (azure) and the armorial bearings consisting of a white tower, a palm tree and a lion are set on azure in the school blazon.

A description of the arms of Penang Free School; azure, in middle, a white tower (middle chief) between the gold numerals eighteen (dexter chief) and sixteen (sinister chief); in sinister base a gold lion rampant supporting a flag; in dexter base a palm tree proper.

The white tower signifies the qualities of strength and truthfulness; 1816 is the year Free School was founded; the lion signifies the preservation of the tradition and high ideals of the school; and the palm tree represents the state of Penang as well as fertility of the mind.

The Blazon Of The Penang Free School Flag

Per pale embattled, sinister azure; in dexter argent a lion rampant with numerals 18 and 16 on either side. The lion and the numerals are in azure.

Towards the end of the last decade, a variation of the school Flag appeared with only the areas in argent (silver or white) replaced with navy blue.

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