The Penang Free School has always maintained an excellent school spirit and many fine traditions have emerged since the School’s foundation. However, even in a  school where tradition has become a cliché, they are not immutable but must be  subjected to change with time. The tradition still strongly observed in the school  includes:-

The School Assembly

It is held every Monday morning. When the first bell rings at 7.25am, all students are required to congregate in the School Hall in an orderly manner according to their forms. The second bell rings when the Headmaster is about to enter the hall. At this time the School Captain will call the School to attention. As the headmaster walks into the hall, complete silence is expected. When the headmaster reaches the stage, the teachers will then stand at attention, followed by the headmaster himself. Then the National and State anthem are sung. Teachers then make speeches and the headmaster will be the last to address the students. The School Rally is played after all speeches have been presented, and once again the entire school population stands at attention until the headmaster leaves the hall. The School Captain will then dismiss the students after the teachers have left the hall.

Attire: complete school uniform including the school tie.

The School Cross Country Run

This event is held during the middle of the school semester. All students are required to complete the Cross-Country route, which stretches to a distance of 7 kilometers. The performance of the students will determine the final standings of the Houses. Prizes will be awarded to the first 15 students who reached the finishing point during the School Co-curriculum day.

Form Six Student Week

The form six orientation which lasted for about a week is jam-packed with many fun filled competitions and challenges The aims are to foster friendship between the senior and the junior and to provide the junior with leadership and team work training. All activities are planned and carried out by the form sixth society committee with very little teacher supervision.

The Sixth Form Orientation Ball & Prom Night

This special night is held two weeks after the Lower Sixes (Junior) enter the school. It is the culmination of the orientation process, which is held to make the new comers feel more at home. Each class nominates a freshie King and Queen. Later, the Most popular Upper Sixes and the best dressed Sixth Former are announced. It is truly a night to be remembered for the juniors. For the seniors, this will be a memorable night after which they will leave this school each to their respective University. All the teachers who teach in form six are invited.

The Cheeseman Elocution Contest

This competition is held at the end of the first semester. The contest is open to the Upper Forms only. Each class is represented by at least one speaker. This yearly event is organized by the English Language Department and the students are given the freedom to choose interesting topics to present. Marks will be given to poise, expressions, fluency and contents. This contest is a stepping stone for the students to take part in more challenging competition like”Youth Speaks for The Nation.”

The School Speech Day

This auspicious day falls on October the 21st annually. Early in the morning the Headmaster and the non-Muslim Prefect hold a dedication ceremony at Reverend Hutchings’ tomb in Sultan Ahmad Shah road. Later on in the school, parade by the uniformed groups and the school band is held. The Governor and the VIP’s are then escorted into a room where they will put their signatures in the visitor’s book.

The speech day will commence when the state Governor accompanied by the all the invited guests walk into the hall and everybody in the hall must stand still. When the Governor and the guest are seated at the stage the National and State anthem will be played. The school Magazine will be sold then. The school magazine is one of the most sorted magazine as it has many creative and interesting articles and pictures that speaks about all the wonderful activities that happened in the year. Penang Free School published the first school magazine in Malaysia. The first few volumes are still kept in the school archives.

The Annual School Sports

The annual school sports are run off during the last week of the first semester. It starts with a parade and the reciting of the School’s Sport Oath by the School Athletics Captain. The main attractions include the colourful and gaily decorated House sheds, the inter-School invitational relays, the Old Boy’s race and the tug-of-war finals. During the interval, the Scouts forms a Guard-of-Honour stretching from the Pavilion to the School Hall as the Governor, VIPs and parents proceed to the hall for “High tea.” Before the presentation of prizes at the Pavilion from their respective House Sheds in a highly spirited manner. After the the giving away of trophies, plagues and shields, the day is ended by the playing of the National and State anthem by the School Band. The School band is needed in almost every major event organized by the school. The students trained almost every day and sometimes skipped class to practice when major events are approaching. Our school band is always invited by the State to lead other school band during the National Day.